Cheap, compact 160m antenna ideas

The 160-meter Amateur Radio Band is a fascinating slice of the RF spectrum.  Unfortunately, antennas for the "Top Band" tend to be large and a bit unwieldy.

In this video from Callum (M0MCX), we learn about several reduced length 160-meter antennas that can used where space is at a premium.

Included in this list are the inverted L, sloper, loaded vertical, compact dipole, and the Halo/Loop antennas.

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Here are some comments from Callum (M0MCX):

I need a 160m Antenna. Let's look at Inverted L, Sloper, Loaded Vertical a Compact Dipole and the Halo (loop). Let us consider the problem, walk the area and discuss how each would work. Linear Loaded Dipole:    • Small Cheap Linear Loaded 80m Dipole   73, Callum. More videos: ▶️    • Antenna Modelling   Antenna Modelling ▶️    • Tips and Tricks   Tips and Tricks ▶️    • Antennas   Antennas ▶️    • Live Streams   Live Streams ▶️    • Commander World   My Stuff ▶️    • Foundation Training   Ham Radio Training

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