How to build a coaxial trap (for) a dipole, vertical, or EFHW antenna.

There are several ways you can shorten a dipole, vertical, or end fed half wave (EFHW) antenna.  According to Mike (M0MSN), the use of coaxial traps can reduce the length of your antenna without sacrificing effectiveness.

In this video, Mike show us how to make a 40 meter trap with commonly available materials.  Also, this antenna design will allow you to operate on 80 meters as well.

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Here are some comments from Mike (M0MSN):

The Coaxial Trap, great for more than one band on a single antenna. The coax trap will also shorten the length of the wire antenna, making it perfect for the smaller garden. In this video I show and explain how to build a trap for the 40 metre band this can be used on an antenna for 80 metres giving you both 80 and 40 metre on the same antenna.. Needed for this build: 2 metres of RG58 40 mm former (an old mastic gun tube or waist pipe) Something to drill a hole the same dia as the coax wire strippers or knife soldering iron and solder. Enjoy I do hope you enjoy it and subscribe for more.. Many thanks Mike - M0MSN To get notified of the next upload Please click that bell.

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