How to build a 9:1 UnUn for Ham Radio Antenna.

If you want to build a multi-band, end-fed wire antenna, then this simple "homebrew" 9:1 UnUn will prove to be a most useful accessory.

"Tinker John" (W5CYF), shows us how to make this basic antenna accessory -- something that will help you get an acceptable impedance match between your transceiver and your end-fed antenna.

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Here are some comments from "Tinker John" (W5CYF):

Simple and inexpensive to build the 9:1 end fed long wire antenna is a good antenna for both portable and home use. This antenna, like all antennas, has it advantages and disadvantage. You’ll see some of both in this how to video. Amazon Link for other suggested items that may be related to this video: Royalty Free music courtesy of YouTube Creative Tools – Sioux Falls by Silent Partner



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