How to design and build a 70cm DIY loop antenna

Thanks to "electronics unmessed" for this exceptionally well done tutorial on the theory, design, construction, testing, and use of a 70cm band loop antenna.

The finished product is lightweight, portable, and easily concealed for radio amateurs living in deed-restricted housing.

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Here are some comments from "electronics unmessed":

This video is about building a loop antenna for the 70 centimeters amateur radio band. What I particularly like about this antenna is that it implements a bandpass and a powerful antenna at the same time. The principle of this antenna is actually very simple: A ring with the circumference of one wavelength is excited with its resonant frequency and thus acts as a filter and antenna at the same time. Since this type of loop antenna has a fairly high radiation impedance, a suitable matching network is needed for it, which is not easy to calculate. That's why we at “electronics.unmessed” have developed a dimensioning tool based on EXCEL: it allows you to design such an antenna for different materials and for an arbitrary frequency band. ► PayPal - you can support my channel directly here: ► Playlists: All videos:    • All Videos   Introduction and background:    • About the Channel   ► Download free tools and materials:

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