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KH6JRM''s Amateur Radio Blog

The busy weekend is over at last at KKBG-FM//KHLO-
AM.  The news room is usually quiet and I get some time
to catch up on the federal paperwork, station logs, and
equipment maintenance.  It's nice working around state
of the art equipment at a commercial broadcast station.
'Makes me wish for similar stuff at the home ham
station.  One can dream...or is it dream on?  I managed
to monitor some of the traffic going on this weekend in
ARRL's newscomer contest, which resembles the old
"Novice Roundup" of decades ago.  That contest was
a blast, especially considering my dearth of operating
skills in those days (mid-70s).  Those in this contest
sounded like they were having a good time.  Some of
these new operators were quite proficient and I'm glad
to see the "newbies" getting into the swing of things.
Speakin of new items, what do you think of the newly
reworked ARRL website?  It's pretty fancy and seems
eye catching--I'll have to give the site …

KH6JRM's Amateur Radio Blog

The 47th Annual Merrie Monarch Festival is wrapping
up in Hilo today with a late morning parade and the final
hula compeitition tonight.  The event has kept the radio
station news room busy.  This event attracts contestants
world-wide and is covered extensively by local tv and
radio (hence my role today).  The Festival has also
brought the Big Island some needed rain.  Hawaii
Island has been griped by an extended drought which
has raised the fears of farmers and residents alike.
After the news shift, it's back to the QTH for some
late afternoon cw and local ragchews.  Most likely,
I'll be using the under the house 40-meter loop. I've
disconnected the vertical because of thunderstorms
and lightning.  If the heavy rains continue, I'll just
unhook everything. No sense tempting Thor's
hammer. A few years ago, a strike from above
toasted a fiberglass mast I was using as an an-
tenna support. Luckily, the antenna was grounded
and all feeders disconnected.  It doesn'…

KH6JRM's Amateur Radio Blog

Now that the holidays are over, it's back to work at the
radio station news room (serving 4 Hawaii Island radio
stations).  The big item this week is the 47th Annual
Merrie Monarch Festival, the premier Hawaiian
Cultural event of the year.  Most of the on-air staff
will be busy with all of the events surrounding the
festival, so I'll have to be creative when it comes to
ham radio time.  Every once in a while, one gets a
cheery note that adds a bit of perspective to the daily
grind.  Today, I received a nice note from John,
KS4D (ex-KH6JRN), one of my early contacts
when I was a Novice operator.  It was so good to
hear from him.  John found me on my other blog
site and brought me up to date. Oh, do I remem-
ber those optimistic days when our "peanut
whistles" gave us access to the world.  Despite
all of the truly advanced media in use today, there
is a certain warm feeling for launching a signal into
the "ether".  I must be getting old..but I love it.
Have …

KH6JRM's Amateur Radio Blog

'Just a quick note to wish all of you a happy Easter.
I'm working the Sunday shift at the KKBG-FM/
KHLO-AM news room during the holdiday.
Things are fairly quiet for now, as the Big Island
prepares for the annual Merrie Monarch Festival
which begins Monday.  The event is the premier
Hawaiian cultural event of the year.  The station
is involved in some coverage, so I will be a busy
fellow for the next few days.  I may be able to
squeeze in a bit of cw over the next few days.
The homebrew fiberglass vertical is working
well, although lining up a few more radials
will be a problem because of my rental home's
small lot.  The four elevated counterpoise wires
are helping, considering my lack of space.  I
was planning to get a HF rig in my old Tercel,
but I was sideswiped by a truck on Saturday
morning, so that project will be on hold until
the body shop fixes up the vehicle.  No one
was hurt....rigs and cars can be replaced....
people can't.  Have a safe's