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KH6JRM's Amateur Radio Blog

This has been another busy week at the radio station
news room.  With the approach of the holiday season,
all of us in the "media circus" are busy with the Thanks-
giving and Christmas programs, not to mention the
remotes, haunted houses, and whatever else is
attached to the Halloween festiviites.  No rest for
the "wicked" until after the New Year.  Between all
of this, I will squeeze in some quality time on the amateur
bands.  Most of the simple repairs to my rapidly aging
radio collection are done.  A few touchups to the ole
"antenna farm" will bring the station into operating con-
dition.  I'm still having fun with the Kenwood 520 I
acquired a few months ago--nice rig and very for-
giving of us who have forgotten the ritual of tune and
dip.  If you have a chance to get an older rig from the
major manuafacturers, please do so.  What they lack
in convenience is compensated by the sheer pleasure
of rag-chewing on the hollow-state tecnology of a by-

KH6JRM;s Amateur Radio Blog

This has been a busy month in the newsroom, so my time
dedicated to amateur radio has been minimal.  I will get
back in the groove this weekend after some yard work
around the radio ranch.  Presently, I'm working to equip
my Odyssey min-van with a ham radio station.  I'm operating
on 2 meters with my trusty HT, a set of solar powered gel
cells, and a 1/4 wave whip positioned on the van room with
a mag mount.  For now, the setup meets my immediate needs.
I elected to not use the van's electrical system.  The set of gel
cells in the van coupled with a set of small solar panels mounted
on a side window keeps the system active.  The power demands
of the HT are very small, so I have no problem of running out of
juice.  Adding HF capability will be a challenge, not the least of
which is the low clearance of my garage.  Most likely, I'll opt for a
mag-mounted "Ham Stick" as a temporary solution.  This is not an
efficient system, but it will do until I decide what t…