How to build a Fan Dipole Amateur Radio Antenna Field Day

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With the ARRL Field Day soon approaching (the last full weekend in June), it's time to make a simple, effective, inexpensive, and highly portable multiband HF antenna for that exciting outdoor operating event.

In this video, Callum McCormick (M0MCX) show us how to design, make, erect, and use the "classic Fan Dipole Antenna."  As Callum explains, the antenna is quite simple--multiple mono band dipoles are attached to a common center connector which is connected to a single feed line.  Just trim the lowest frequency dipole antenna first and continue trimming for each band of use.  Be sure to leave some space between each dipole to make trimming and tuning easier.  Although an antenna "tuner" isn't necessary, keep one handy just in case SWR becomes a problem.

After Field Day use, keep this antenna as a handy portable antenna for emergency or other field operations.

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