Friday, April 26, 2019

How to add additional bands to 4-BTV Antenna-EZ Project. Post 1848.

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The Hustler 4-BTV vertical antenna is a popular choice for radio amateurs who want a simple antenna for limited spaces.  The antenna's original design didn't incorporate the 12 meter and 17 meter bands which have become popular in recent years.

In this video from Tinker John (W5CYF), we learn how to add an additional band to the 4-BTV without compromising the other bands covered by the antenna. 

In this case, John adds the 17 meter ham band (18.068 MHz-18.168 MHz) with a few simple attachments that can be made in your garage or workspace.  The finished product appears to function as a folded monopole antenna.  The same process shown in this video can be used to add other amateur radio bands not covered by the 4-BTV.  The video is clear and easily understood.

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