Building a ZS6BKW antenna from scratch. Post #1559.

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The G5RV and its popular variant, the ZS6BKW, are popular multiband HF antennas for radio amateurs.

In this video, members of the Stamford Amateur Radio Association W1EE,  show us how to build a ZS6BKW antenna capable of covering the 80 to 6 meter amateur radio bands.  Here are the guidelines offered by this construction team:

"The ZS6BKW is the successor to the G5RV. It's a multi-band 80-6 meter wire dipole. ZS6BKW started with the G5RV and then conducted extensive computer modeling to increase the gain, flatten the SWR a bit, and smooth out the lobes. It's also about 10 feet shorter than an equivalent G5RV. The antenna must be fed with 39 feet of 450 ohm ladder line and also must have at least 70 feet of coax feeding the ladder line. The coax and ladder line together form a matching network that brings the SWR below 2:1 (mostly below 2:1) on the 6, 10, 12, 17, 20 and 40 meters and below 3:1 on 15, 30, 60, and 80 meters. We're going to start with pre-cut wire and ladder line, but will make the center insulator (not just a ceramic egg) and the coax-to-ladder line interface out of PVC piping and compression joints. We'll put it together as finished product that can be mounted immediately. We'll also talk about the theory of the G5RV/ZS6BKW antennas. We'll also show how to tune it when mounting it."
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