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Somehow I survived the Thanksgiving holiday.  I didn't
eat too much at the neighborhood gathering and managed
to squeeze in a few hours of cw to round out Thursday.
Presently, I'm holding down the fort at the KKBG-FM/
KHLO-AM news room.  Other than the usual meter
readings and daily forms to complete, this appears to be
a fairly quiet day.  Following the news shift, I'll head home
for some antenna maintenance work.  Although the back-
yard 40-meter vertical is working fine, I'm thinking of con-
verting the old MFJ fiberglass mast into an inverted vee or
a delta loop.  Both antennas have served me well in the past.
I have just enough room to squeeze in a 40-10 meter vee
(33' on  each side).  With 55' of twin lead, the spare 4:1
balun, and the trusty Drake MN-4 ATU, I'll be ready in
no time.  I've also fed this arrangement with coax, which
largely restricts the vee to 40 and 15 meters.  Purists will
shake their heads at this rough and tumble skyhook, but it
works.  After several days of rain, I need an excuse to get
some sun and fresh air, and this project will give me a chance
fool my neighbors into thinking I'm some kind of expert.  I'm
sure my neighbors think of me as the local radio be it.
My XYL is tolerant--she's given up converting me into a normal
human being.  Have a good weekend.  Aloha es 73 de KH6JRM.


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