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I've just finished reading a truly inspiring article by
James Deane, KD7QDG, in the 12 November
2010 edition of  James penned
a tale of his path from General to Extra entitled
"General to Extra Class--learning a lot."  James
does a good job explaining why he made the
final plunge into the "Extra" pool.  What moti-
vated his journey was the desire to learn more
about amateur radio from a more technical
point of view.  Many of us have made the same
trip through the license structure.  My 33 years
in this wonderful hobby has visited every license
class except for Tech Plus.  Like James, I wanted
to learn more and took up the challenge to master
the math and regulations necessary to get the Extra.
Besides, I wanted  the Extra for my own sense of ac-
complishment.  Of course, the additional 25 kHz at
the bottom of most bands meant some new DX and
a perfect way to polish my meager CW skills.  If you
want to attain the Extra Class, do it.  Have fun. Learn
as much as you can.  Ignore the nay-sayers.  Aloha
from the Big Island.  KH6JRM


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