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Thanksgiving is fast upon us.  It's hard to believe the
holidays are coming so quickly.  I guess time seems
to accelerate as one gets older.  Despite all the doom
and gloom surrounding us, there is still much to be
thankful for--the ability to get up in the morning,
good health, decent food, and the love of family.
Others would add the basic freedoms guaranteed
by our founding documents--I agree, but these
freedoms are getting eroded daily by the growing
crudeness, crassness, and lack of respect for nearly
everything these days.  I run into this situation every-
day as I prepare and read the news on the commercial
station I call my home away from home.  Sometimes,
I wonder what kind of society we call these United
States.  Every now and then, I feel we as a nation have
lost our way and have failed to take responsibility for
our own lives.  That's why I retreat into the amateur
radio universe after a long day.  Despite the well-
known problems on the amateur bands, I'm still able to
meet others who can carry a decent conversation,
impart some valuable knowledge, and enjoy telling
tall tales of misadventure.  Amateur Radio provides
a needed respite from daily grind--a place where the
patients are running the asylum.  Have a good day and
enjoy the holiday with your loved ones.  If you can
break away from the dining room table, squeeze in a
few QSOs before the day is over.  73 es KH6JRM.


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