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What a busy series of weeks.  First there was the
rush of holiday promotions, high school games, and
the busy cycle of the news day.  Then add the hype
surrounding the mid-term elections.  The negativity
and hypebole surrounding the transfer of legislative
power were  more scary than Halloween.  Sandwiched
between this sped up news cycle was a few hours of
amateur radio--what a relief to just sit down in front
of the old Kenwood 520, pound some brass, and rag
chew with a few friends.  I'm still  altering some of the
antenna farm as Hawaii's salt air and acid rain (from the
Kilauea Volcano) does its work of digesting wire and
connectors.  All of this keeps me busy and out of the
shopping malls.  Besides, the exercise gained from
tilling the family garden and lugging around pvc pipe,
wire, and twin lead has some benefit for the ole waist0
line.  My XYL and I manage to keep in shape with a
simple, nutritious diet and daily walks.  Time before the
rig gives the mind a needed rest from the real world of
the newsroom--which is overshadowed by the brutality,
coarseness, and lack of civility that typifies the current
day.  We all need a break now and then.  That's where
amateur radio comes in--be in on-air operating or con-
structing some antenna or shack project.  Things could
be worse...I could be organized.  Have a good weekend.
73 de Hawaii.  KH6JRM.


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