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Somehow, everyone in my household survived
Thanksgiving.  For once, all of us gathered for
our neighborhood feast ate moderately.  It seems
we had just enough to make a good dinner and to
have some goodies to take home.  The best part
was the good fellowship of our neighbors, the ex-
cellent weather (it rained just after 1900 W), and
the relaxing atmosphere provided by the season.
I surely needed a break from the news room after
this week's disturbing news about Korea and the
crippled U.S. economy.  I even got a chance to
fire up the old Swan 100 MX for a few contacts
after dinner.  I trust that your feast met your ex-
pectations.  Enjoy what you can while you can. 
Be sure to squeeze in a few hours for amateur
radio--it could keep  you sane in an otherwised confused
world.  'Til next time, Aloha es 73 de KH6JRM.


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