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Simple Ham Radio Antennas--The 40 Meter Stealth Vertical. Post #653.

The 40 Meter Stealth Vertical. ( Based on an article published by K7ZB in "Antennex", December 2001. Accessed on 10 January 2016, 04:15 hrs, UTC . Author:  Simone Mannino (IW5EDI), Firerize, Italy . If you live in a deed-restricted apartment or home governed by an HOA or CC&Rs , you may find this article by Simone Mannino (IW5EDI) quite interesting.  The original article was published by K7ZB in the December 2001 edition of "Antennex." Basically, the system uses a collapsible mast to support a vertical wire measuring approximately 33-feet/10.06 meters. The antenna fits on a small porch and is lowered when it's not in use, making the antenna invisible to neighbors.  A simple radial system is used to complete the antenna.  There are several photographs in the article, which explain the step-by-step process of building, erecting, and lowering the antenna.  You can get multiband performan