Antenna Wire Length-Demystifying Feedpoint Impendance.


A good, basic review "on antenna lengths, feed point impedance, and which balun or unun to use...."

Walt (K4OGO) does an excellent job of "demystifying" feed point impedance and the proper use of baluns and ununs.

This video makes an excellent reference source for any antenna experimenter.

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Here are a few comments from Walt (K4OGO):

A simple discussion on antenna wire lengths, feedpoint impedance and which balun or unun to use. #hamradio #hamradioantenna #antenna Link to the FireStik SWR chart: Link to the Random Wire Antenna site mentioned: Link to ​⁠@TheSmokinApe video and channel mentioned:    • Impedance and Ham Radio Antennas Expl...  


Finding SWR


Random Wires




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