The Faraday Cloth Antenna


According to Ben Eadie (VE6SFX), the "best" 2m antenna for radio amateurs is what he calls "The Faraday Cloth Antenna."

This easy-to-make, rollup antenna is ideal for portable and emergency antenna use.  This antenna could also be used in deed-restricted homes and apartments.

Ben takes you step-by-step through the design, construction, and testing of "this revolutionary light weight ham radio antenna."

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Here are some comments from Ben (VE6SFX):

Email list: Plans including the STL files:   / fara-j-2m-70cm-antenna-88511   Where they will be available for sale when I have stock: Patreon Membership (you will get this, past and future plans if you subscribe)   / hamradiorookie   Parts list    / @kb9vbrantennas  , Welcome to an exciting new chapter in amateur radio technology! I'm thrilled to introduce the 'Fara-J' – a cutting-edge 2m-70cm ham radio antenna crafted from Faraday cloth. Join me as I explore the potential of Faraday cloth as a viable alternative to traditional antenna materials. Inspired by the innovative use of Faraday materials discussed on channels like    / @kb9vbrantennas  , I've developed the 'Fara-J', which combines the durability and flexibility of fabric with the conductivity of Faraday tape. Throughout this video, I take you through the step-by-step process of creating this unique antenna, from selecting the right fabric to sewing and fine-tuning the design for optimal performance. See it in action as I perform a series of radio checks, demonstrating its impressive range and clarity, even in challenging environments with significant obstructions. But that's not all – the 'Fara-J' is not just about functionality; it's about convenience too. Weighing a mere 1.4 ounces, this antenna is ultra-portable, easy to ship, and can be effortlessly hoisted into position, making it an ideal choice for field operations or emergency communication setups. For the DIY enthusiasts, I will share detailed plans on my Patreon, 'Ham Radio Rookie', so you can build your own 'Fara-J'. And for those who prefer a ready-made solution, stay tuned for updates on availability and pricing. Don't forget to subscribe for more innovative ham radio solutions and insights. Together, let's push the boundaries of amateur radio technology! #HamRadio #AmateurRadio #AntennaDesign #FaradayCloth #Innovation #DIYProjects #FaraJAntenna #VictorEcho6SierraFoxtrotXRay

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