9 Simple J Pole Antenna Projects. Post #1372.

9 Simple J Pole Antenna Projects
Accessed on 14 January 2018, 2315 UTC, Post #1372.

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The J Pole antenna is a classic design originating in World War I for the German Zeppelin airships that bombed London and other areas of the western front.  The original "Zepp" antenna has been refined into many variants, including the J Pole, the Off-Center Fed Dipole, the Windom antenna, and even the classic W3EDP antenna from the early 1920s,

The antenna remains popular for amateur radio bands from 20 meters to 70 cm.  The antenna is simple, easy to build, and effective.

The J Pole Antenna is basically an end-fed omni directional half-wave antenna, matched to the feed line by a quarter wave transmission stub.

The J Pole Antenna is effective because it operates at harmonics of the fundamental frequency for which it is designed.

This post discusses 9 simple J Pole Antennas derived from four basic types:  the common J Pole, the SlimJim, the Super-J, and the collinear J Pole Antenna.

J Pole antennas are fun to build and use, especially for the 2 meter and 70 cm amateur radio bands. Over the course of several years, I've built J Pole Antennas for 15 and 10 meters--the design works well on the upper HF frequencies (20, 17, 15, 12, 10, and 6 meters), although the 20 meter J Pole can be a bit unwieldy.

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