Winter Ham Radio QRP Field Station @ 65° North. Post #1371.

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Another informative and illuminating video tutorial from Julian (OH8STN--Survival Tech Nord). In this video, Julian takes his portable station into winter conditions at 65 degrees North Latitude to show that emergency or field operations can be done under extreme conditions.

If you're going to participate in the winter edition of the ARRL Field Day on 27-28 January 2018 in the northern part of Europe, Asia, USA, and Canada, you may want to pay particular attention to the suggestions from Julian.

In this video, Julian shows us the basic equipment, operating procedures, and basic arctic survival steps needed to make a cold weather QRP portable operation a success. Julian uses a pulk sled to pull his gear; sets up the shelter and wood stove; and arranges his antenna, rig, and computer for  operations on 40, 20, 20, and 17 meters.  Please don't try this unless you are fully prepared for bitter cold and snow.

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