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LZ1AQ-Personal Home Page
Accessed on 15 January 2018, 2015 UTC.
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I ran across this fascinating website while I was searching for new antenna ideas.  The website created by Chavdar Levkov (LZ1AQ) is an interesting adventure into antenna experimentation.

Levkov, who has a Doctor of Science in the field of Technical Electrocardiology, is founder and CEO of a small Bulgarian company that designs and produces electrocardiology equipment.  While most of Levkov's work deals with medical equipment, he has designed a variety of antennas and kits for radio amateurs.

Here's a list of his current antenna articles:

In addition to antenna articles, Levkov has produced two useful kits for radio amateurs:

An Active Antenna Amplifier Home Kit and a Variable Delay Line Kit for Wide Band Phased Arrays.

I found this site interesting, well organized, and useful for antenna experimenters.

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