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If you can't erect a full halfwave HF dipole antenna on your property, why not try its close cousin, the Drooping Dipole or Inverted Vee Antenna?  In this video, Stan Gibilisco (W1GV) provides the basic theory and construction tips to get you started on an inverted vee antenna, which has similar performance characteristics of a halfwave length horizontal dipole.  Instead of two high supports for a horizontal dipole, the inverted vee requires a single mast and two strong anchor points to tie off the antenna elements.  You can get multiband HF performance if you use a balanced feedline (450 ohm ladder line, 300 ohm television twin lead, or homebrew 600 ohm feedline), along with a 1:4 current balun and an antenna transmatch (i.e. "tuner").  Whether you choose single band or multiband performance, the drooping dipole or inverted vee antenna is a good choice for a simple, effective, and inexpensive HF antenna.

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