Simple Ham Radio Antennas--Using a Smith Chart to Match Transmitter to Antenna Effectively. Post #827

Using a Smith Chart to Match Transmitter to Antenna Effectively
Accessed on 05 July 2016, 23:33 hrs, UTC.
Author:  Mike Hendrickson of "Radio World."
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This is part 2 of Mike Hendrickson's exploration of SWR, VSWR, and Reflected Power.  In this well-constructed article, Mike show us how to use the Smith Chart to get a graphical representation of impedance, admittance, phase, wavelength, and reflection coefficient of an antenna system.  This chart, developed by Philip Smith in the 1930s has proven to be a valuable, useful tool for not only broadcast engineers but also for radio amateurs wanting to design efficient and safe antenna systems.  Mike explains the history behind the Smith Chart and explains how it can be used in a variety of applications.  The article contains plenty of illustrations and the simple equations necessary to use the chart effectively.  Once you work with the Smith Chart a few times and understand its basic principles, you will find it a valuable tool for antenna design and construction.

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