Simple Ham Radio Antennas--Getting around HOA antenna restrictions. Post #852.

If you're having trouble viewing this video, please insert this title link into your browser search box:  Here's another antenna idea for those radio amateurs living in deed-restricted homes or apartments.  In this video, "signa2424" uses a LDG S9v31 telescoping mast to support a HF vertical antenna.  The radial system consists of 24 ground radial wires made from CAT 5 cabling.  The antenna is raised only during operations. It's nested on the ground when operations are over.  Signa2424 notes that his fiberglass pole is painted green and and blends in well with his surroundings.  He also knows when the HOA conducts its inspections.  Of course, an unannounced inspection could reveal the presence of the antenna, raised or not.  The design, placement, and use of a "stealth" antenna take some forethought and planning. Don't assume all HOA inspections will be done according to a pre-set schedule. Other than unannounced HOA inspections, this antenna appears fairly safe and immune to neighbor's eyes.

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