Simple Ham Radio Antennas--N3RR Lightning Protection Subsystems. Post #831.

N3RR Lightning Protection Subsystem
Author:  Bill Hider (N3RR).
Accessed on 10 July 2016, 05:31 hrs, UTC.
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Lightning protection for your home and amateur radio station should be a prime concern when you build your antenna "farm" and set up your operating position. Even a nearby lightning strike can cause serious damage to your equipment and endanger your life.

In this well-organized tutorial on basic lightning protection and electrical safety, Bill Hider (N3RR), explains the steps necessary to protect your home, antennas, equipment, and your family.  This report should be part of your amateur radio reference library.

If you aren't able to install your equipment according to Bill's guidelines, please have a professional engineer advise you and hire an experienced utility crew to install the necessary safeguards.  This will be money well spent.

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