Simple Ham Radio Antennas--More Magnetic Loop Antenna Work. Post #846

More Magnetic Loop Antenna Work
Accessed on 26 July 2016, 03:10 hrs, UTC.
Reporter:  Larry Makoski (W2LJ).
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One of my favorite amateur radio websites is the QRP blog published by New Jersey ham, Larry Makoski (W2LJ).  He's always trying new things and isn't afraid to experiment with antennas, accessories, and rigs.

In this post, Larry describes his progress in making a QRP magnetic loop antenna tuned by a "homebrewed" capacitor box of his own design.  Magnetic Loop antennas are excellent for space-restricted radio amateurs or for portable operations.  Tuning magnetic loop antennas can be tedious because of their narrow bandwidth.

In years gone by, one could buy surplus Jennings air variable capacitors and be operational in no time.  Although these capacitors were often available, their cost discouraged many amateurs from using them.  Since then, there have been numerous tuning schemes using everything from coaxial cable to "homebrewed" capacitor tuning boxes, such as the one Larry is making.

Larry has illustrated his post with several excellent photographs, which should give you some idea of how to proceed if you want to design a similar system.

I can't wait until Larry has completed the tuning assembly and builds the magnetic loop for his station.

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