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'Just about ready to wrap up a week in the KKBG-FM/
KHLO-AM news room.  I've had sufficient excitement
for the week with all of the stories on the oil spill, the
Middle East crisis, and assorted local crime stories
The weekend news shift begins on Saturday, but
that shift is only for half-a-day, so the hours won't
be too bad.  At least I have an enjoyable job.  Field
Day beckons on 26/27 June--an event I will probably
miss since I'm working the drag races that day.  I'll
probably operate a bit from the home station, running
1E (emergency power).  While I was reading the
site today, I found two Field Day articles that may prove
useful to you or your radio club:  "900 Watt Generator for
Field Day" by Mike Higgins, K6AER and "How to Come
Back After Field Day" by Keith Wood, K1LDS.  Both
articles contain some good, basic information.  Have a
good weekend.  Aloha from Hawaii Island. KH6JRM.


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