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The news cycle is winding down at KKBG-FM/
KHLO-AM for the workweek.  Only half-days
on Saturday and Sunday remain on the horizon.
The break will give me plenty of time to work on
my spartan "antenna farm" at the Laupahoehoe
qth.  With my tropical climate and salt air, there
is always something to do for the skyhooks.  Be-
sides, the work gives me a break from the rather
dismal series of events that is making everyday
life more difficult than it should be.  I just finished
an excellent article on the website by
Phil Chambley, K4DPK, entitled "Your First
Dipole."  Phil's article is a basic tutorial on an
antenna that has served me well in the past.
You can expand his idea into a "fan" dipole and
get some added coverage for very little money.
I may even string up one of his simple dipoles as
an inverted vee and see what I can do.  My yard
won't permit a fully extended dipole, hence my pref-
erence for verticals and low slung loops.  The out-
lay of cash and time will be minimal, since I have
most of the materials in my junk box.  This little
project should be fun.  Nothing like a litte therapy
to clear the mind.  Have a good weekend and en-
joy the ESPN news to the right and the Yahoo
news at the bottom of the page.  73 de Hawaii
Island.  KH6JRM.


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