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Things are winding down at the KKBG-FM/KHLO news
room after a peaceful weekend news cycle.  I use that term
loosely, considering the various crises the world is facing.
I'll leave the value judgements to those polically inclinded.
All I do is report the news.  Once the Sunday shift is done
and the story outlines for Monday prepared, I can return
to the home shack for some casual operating before dinner
and a good night's sleep.  I've finished some minor repairs to
the 20-meter vertical dipole and the under the house 40-meter
loop.  Both antennas are working well, propagation notwith-
standing.  Just for a few laughs, I hooked up the loop to one of
my homebrew crystal sets.  Pretty good results.  I was able to
recieve all three Hilo AM stations with ease.  The Hilo stations
are roughly 30 miles away from the commercial station I call
"home" most of the time.  The 20-meter vertical dipole works
for these crystal sets, too.  Crystal sets are fun to make and
provide a little work in circuit design and basic construction
techniques.  You'll find several interesting designs by going to
the "XTAL Set Society" website.  Many electronics supply
outlets, such as Antique Radio Supply, offer the necessary
parts for a basic crystal set.  You might have difficulty in
finding  a high impedance headset, but a looking around
can usually turn up something, even if you have to build a
matching transformer for your usual ham headset.  Have
fun.  Aloha from Hawaii Island.  73 de KH6JRM.


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