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SDR (RTL-2832U) runs in CHROME browser | Southgate Amateur Radio News. Post #399.

SDR (RTL-2832U) runs in CHROME browser | Southgate Amateur Radio News : This page is brought to you in association with The Southgate Amateur Radio Club and AMSAT-UK. QRZ Callsign Search. Page last updated on: Sunday, March 29, 2015.  SDR (RTL-2832U) runs in CHROME browser.  There is also now a javascript SDR app for the Chrome browser 'Radio Receiver' by Jacobo Tarrio.  Stereo FM. Scan for stations. Record what you hear on the radio. Built-in bands: International and Japanese FM bands. Weather band (US and Canada). Medium Wave AM (requires an upconverter). Free-tuning mode to use the program as a multi-band radio and listen to anything: short wave, air band, marine band, etc. Supported modes: Wideband FM, Narrowband FM, AM, SSB. Compatible hardware and software Radio Receiver was written to work with an RTL-2832U-based DVB-T (European digital TV) USB receiver, with a R820T tuner chip. You can easily buy one for $15 or less by searching for [RTL2832U R820T] on you