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DIY VHF ANTENNA TUNER made from junk. Post 2091.

If you can't see the video, please insert this title URL into your browser search box: Thanks to "crookedninja5" for this simple, useful antenna "tuner" for the 2-meter amateur/ham band. "Crookedninja5" says the idea for this project came from a desire to make his homebrew coat hanger VHF antenna more broadband. Here are some of the steps used by this radio amateur to make this homebrew antenna "tuner": "I needed something to make my clothes hanger antenna a little more broad-banded in the 100-200 MHz range, so I made a simple antenna tuner from junk... this would work for scanners too.... The variable capacitor can be any 0-365 pf capacitor... for c1 and c2 a ceramic or trimmer capacitor can be used... c3 and the coil is all you really need... About 8 or more turns on the inductor coil with taps spaced out every other turn. The rotary switch is from a old indoor antenna... ev