Building a simple, inexpensive Christmas Light Dipole Antenna.


Before you put away that bunch of tangled up Christmas Tree Lights, why not convert the wire to an easily-made 20 meter dipole antenna?

Chase (KI5IRE) shows us how his holiday light display became a fully functional, if unusual, backyard antenna.

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Here are some comments from Chase (KI5IRE):

Do mini Christmas light strands make a good HF antenna? Will they light up when you transmit? In this video, I built a 20m Christmas light dipole antenna using a strand of incandescent Christmas lights and then strung it up in my backyard and tested it on my Yaesu FT-891. I was a bit shocked by the performance! ⬇️You can build your own 20m Christmas Light Dipole with these items⬇️ PL-259 Connectors: Terminal Rings: Incandescent Christmas Lights: Plastic Cutting Board: Music: ⬇️GEAR I USE⬇️ 📻RADIOS📻 Yaesu FT-710 HF Radio (My Radio At Home): Yaesu FT-891 HF Radio (My Portable HF Radio): Radioddity 25W VHF/UHF DMR Mobile Radio: Baofeng UV-5R 5W Handheld: AnyTone 878UV II Plus: TYT MD-2019 5W Handheld (Discontinued): SharkRF OpenSpot 4 Pro: Pi-Star Hotspot: 📻COAX📻 ABR Industries 6 ft. RG-8X: ABR Industries 25 ft. RG-8X: ABR Industries 50 ft. Ultra Flex 400: ABR Industries 75 ft. RG-8X: ABR Industries DX Starter Kit (3 ft. & 100 ft. RG-8X): 📻ACCESSORIES📻 $35 CW Key: MFJ-929 Antenna Tuner: 6 Pin Data Cable for the FT-891: Cheap USB Sound Card: 30 Amp BTech Power Supply: Fused Power Distribution Strip: Powerwerx PWRbox MINI 10Ah: Powerwerx Powerpoles: 🛠️TOOLS🛠️ Powerwerx TRIcrimp for Powerpoles: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. #hamradio #hf #3916nets #cqsanta #santanet #hfradio #holiday #christmas #dx #mfj #mfjbigstick #amateurradio #ft8 #yaesu #yaesuft891 #mfj929 #btech #hamshack #youtubehams #pota #hamradio #amateurradio #christmaslightantenna


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