An SWR Meter Project for HF.

 Here's an easy homebrew project that will come in handy whether you operate from home or from the "field."

Thanks to Tony Breathnach (EI5EM) for this useful antenna accessory.  This SWR meter will help you make key adjustments to your antenna system.

This "learn by doing" project will increase your knowledge of basic Amateur Radio technology.

If you can't see the video, please insert this title URL into your browser search box:

This short video describes the construction of a homebrew HF SWR meter. It describes the build from planning stage to construction and finally calibration and testing. It actually cost me nothing, as all the components were taken from my several junk boxes. The original design specification stated that it was good up to 2kW on SSB or 1kW on CW. I was unable to check this out as my Elecraft K2 has a maximum power of 100W on CW. This was a very satisfying project. The actual build and design is all my own, although the circuit diagram was taken from a commercial kit from the DZ Company of Loveland, Colorado. I hope they don't sue me! If you enjoyed this short video then please subscribe to my channel. Best 73 de Tony EI5EM

Tony Breathnach, EI5EM


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