Apartment Antenna for HF & Operating in England.

 Thank to Julian Frost (N3JF) for this truly inspiring video about operating from an apartment while he visited England.

Despite the restrictions, Julian was able to make several good contacts on the European continent with his temporary antenna.

Perhaps, you could do the same thing Julian did.

If you can't see the video, please insert this title URL into your browsers search box:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nUapM0XtpM.

Here are some comments from Julian (N3JR):

Julian Frost (N3JF), your Ham Radio Sensei, traveled back to England over the Christmas holidays and took the opportunity to do a little ham radio operating. Armed with the prerequisites for operating under CEPT rules, he set up a antenna from his dad's 3rd floor flat (apartment) and made contacts around Europe. If you live in an apartment, maybe you can do something similar? 1) SyntheticTextiles (STI) ST-3/32-100 - 3/32 Inch Dacron Antenna Rope - 100 Feet: https://bit.ly/3QhnO1h 2) LAB599 TX-500: https://bit.ly/3VN7J4u 3) Bioenno BLF-12045W LiFePO4 Battery https://bit.ly/3VMfWWo 4) Chameleon LEFS https://bit.ly/3ihMjPi Ham Radio Outlet: https://www.hamradio.com


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