Build a 280-ft (85.344 meters) HF Loop Antenna for camping.


If you have a large open space for your next HF antenna, please consider this full-wave 80 meter loop antenna from Kevin (K7SW).

Fed with ladder line and joined with a balanced antenna tuner, you will have several HF bands to explore on your next adventure.

This 80 meter loop antenna is perfect for emergency communications via NVIS (non-vertical incident skywave).

Kevin shows how to build one of these impressive loop antennas and gives us several suggestions on how to support this project.

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Here are some comments from Kevin (K7SW)>

On this camping trip, I take the parts required to setup and test this 80 meter full wave loop antenna. Starting out with 288 feet, I trim this antenna to 280 for my location. The tree supports were a max of 25 feet at this test location for POTA K-4397 I take some measurements and get to use this antenna to see if it can be of use to me camping or for use as another antenna at home. This antenna could work as a permanent setup or on a field day station setup. Thanks for watching 73 🔹4:1 Current Balun 🔹2" Flag pole buddy mount 🔹1.5" Flag pole buddy mount 🔹Paracord 100' sections 🔹Trigger snap 1" swivel 🔹18 gauge wire ( 500 Feet) 🔹21 foot gopher pole 🔹LEFS 8010 End fed antenna 🔹RG8X coax - 50 foot cable with connectors 🔹Max Gain push up masts 🔹insulators for putting the wire antenna through


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