Vertical extended double zepp antenna for 2 meters


If you want to extend the range of your 2 meter antenna, try this simple vertical extended double zepp antenna from Peter Parker (VK3YE).

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This is post 2543 in a continuing series of simple ham radio antennas.

At 2 meter frequencies, a vertical extended  double zepp antenna is a realizable project using locally  available materials.

Peter shows us how the antenna is made and explains what results we can achieve.  As a bonus, the antenna also works on the 6 meter Amateur Radio Band.

Here are some of his comments:

A very simple but very good omnidirectional vertical antenna for VHF FM simplex and repeaters. But that's not all. What is it? It's a extended double zepp antenna for 2m. And it does 6m as well. Watch to find out how easy one is to build.
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  1. I built a similar antenna, but with 1/2-wave elements over 50 years ago. Ran it as a Novice.on 2 meter AM...

    de WB2VUO


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