40 Meter Inverted V Antenna.

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This is post 2539 in a continuing series of simple ham radio antennas.

The Inverted V is a popular, versatile HF antenna that lends itself to many variants.

In this video from Greg Alexander, we see how a basic 40 Meter Inverted V becomes a multiband antenna covering the 40-20-15-10 Meter Amateur Radio Bands.  Such an antenna is a very close relative of the "classic fan dipole antenna."

The video is well-organized and covers the building, tuning, and testing of this popular antenna design.

Here are a few comments from Greg:

video documenting the process of building a dipole. How to build and tune a 40 meter Inverted V wire dipole HF antenna. Here I build a multi-band dipole antenna for HF use on 40-20-15-10-6 meters. Some call this a fan dipole. This is just a quick video of what I have setup for a 40/20 meter antenna. This antenna has been working very well for me in spite of how close it is to the ground. In a pinch it will even. Snow day project with the kids making a 40m ham radio dipole antenna.


Thanks for joining us today.

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