Say goodbye to that G5RV! Look at the ZS6BKW

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This is post 2541 in a continuing series of simple ham radio antennas.

If you're looking to improve your G5RV HF antenna, then this tutorial from AE4VT and N4UFP is for you!

The video takes us from a design concept to an actual build and test of the ZS6BKW.  According to AE4VT, most of the antenna materials can be found at the nearest hardware store or building supply outlet.  

You may have to buy 450-ohm ladder line through the internet.

While the G5RV is an excellent antenna, the ZS6BKW substantially improves multiband HF coverage.

Here are some comments from AE4VT:

Marc, N4UFP, and I get together to talk about, build and test the ZS6BKW antenna. This is a much MUCH better performer than the heavily marketed G5RV! If you're only going to have one antenna, this is THE ONE to have. Easily built with readily available parts. The only thing you can't really get from your local hardware store is the ladder line, but you can almost always find it at any hamfest or from your favorite ham radio retailer. I can speak from experience as I reached my DXCC Mixed & SSB with this very antenna. So before you go out and purchase that G5RV or another wire antenna, take a look at this. Thanks for visiting! Please leave us a comment, Like & Subscribe! If you really like it, hit the bell icon :) -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Things To Get at Your Local #Hamfest"


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