Say Goodbye to that G5RV! Look at the ZS6BKW. Post1885.

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If you're a bit disappointed in the performance of your G5RV HF antenna, try this modification of Louis Varney's (G5RV--SK) classic antenna.

Marck (AE4J) and his friends have adopted a design by ZS6BKW which offers a few improvements over Varney's pioneering antenna.  The most conspicuous departures from the G5RV are the length of the antenna elements and the matching section.

According to Marck, the each horizontal element is 46 ft, 10 in / 14.274 m long, with the 450 ohm matching section (ladder line) measuring 39 ft, 1.5 in /11.926 m long. 

With the exception of the 450 ohm ladder line, most of the antenna materials can be found at your local hardware store or building supply outlet.  The only major drawback to this antenna is the use of two supporting structures such as trees or masts.  An inverted Vee configuration could be used if necessary.  Build the ZS6BKW and see what happens.  You may be pleasantly surprised by its performance.

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