Field Day Antenna Launching Demonstration. Post 1904.

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One of the major issues facing ARRL Field Day participants is how to launch your dipole, random length, and end-fed antennas into nearby trees.

In this video from the Maple-Newton Amateur Radio Club in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, we see how a homebrew compressed air cannon put this antenna farm into some tall trees.  You can find plans for such devices on the internet.

While this air cannon certainly works, it requires a certain technical expertise to build one without endangering yourself and others.

When I face the antenna launching problem, I take a simpler and perhaps safer route:  I use my trusty Walmart slingshot, some fishing line, a few sinkers, a long length of rope, and a sturdy antenna to put my dipoles and end-fed wires into nearby trees.  Whatever launch method you use, please consider safety first before you launch your antenna.

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