My Vertical Loop Antenna for 80 Meters. Post #1113.

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With propagation now favoring the lower HF bands (160 meters through 40 meters), you may want to make a simple, effective antenna for the 80 meter band which will deliver good daytime regional performance as well as some good night time contacts.

In this video, "Lockemeister" shows us one of his experimental vertical loops for 80 meters.  You can get acceptable 80 meter performance with a 50 ohm coaxial cable feed line and an antenna transmatch (i.e. "tuner").  To cut down on RF feedback and SWR losses, you may want to attach a 4:1 balun to the feed line just before it enters your "tuner".  Another suggestion would be to feed the antenna with 300 ohm television twin lead or 450 ohm ladder line connected to a 4:1 balun before it runs into your "tuner".  This will give your loop antenna multiband capability.

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