40M Delta loop antenna (horizontal) set up, part 1. Post #1093.

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Full-wavelength HF loop antennas are especially useful in high noise, urban areas.  A Delta Loof HF Antenna, whether it is a monoband project using 50 ohm coaxial cable as the feedline or a multiband affair using balanced feedline to feed the antenna, is a worthwhile project that will reward you with plenty of contacts.

The antenna is fairly quiet and is a perfect antenna for NVIS (near vertical incident skywave) applications.

In this video, "DENMONKEY" provides a useful, easily understood tutorial on how to make a simple 40 meter Delta Loop HF Antenna from common materials found at the nearest home improvement or hardware store.

In part 2, we'll see how our preparation pays off, as the antenna is raised to its operational height.

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