Adding 80 metres to a 40 metre dipole. Post #1110.

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If you live on a small urban or rural lot, erecting a full-size 80 meter horizontal dipole antenna can be quite a task.  In this video from Peter Parker (VK3YE), we learn how to convert a 40 meter horizontal dipole antenna into a serviceable dipole for the 80 meter band.  The secret is to add loading coils to both ends of the dipole antenna.  Peter supplies the necessary coil winding data, materials list, and tuning procedures to get your old 40 meter dipole working on the 80 meter band.  Although this modification won't be as efficient as or capable of the same bandwidth of an 80 meter dipole, this antenna will get you on the air from a small size lot.  You may even be able to operate this antenna on the 3rd harmonic of 15 meters, where the 40 meter portion of the dipole will serve as a 3/2 wave length antenna on 15 meters.

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