Pedestrian mobile magnetic loop antenna for 40 to 10 meters. Post #1102.

Pedestrian mobile magnetic loop for 40 to 10 meters.
Accessed on 15 April 2017, 20:35 hrs, UTC.
Author:  Peter Parker (VK3YE).
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Here's another great portable antenna idea from Peter Parker (VK3YE).  In this post, Peter shows you how to build a "pedestrian mobile magnetic loop for 40 to 10 meters."  This may be the best portable HF antenna available for SOTA (Summits On The Air), emergency, or other field work.  This antenna may be ideal for radio amateurs living in deed-restricted housing (HOA/CC&Rs).

The article is divided into these helpful sections, each supplemented with drawings and photographs:

Radiation element construction, feed arrangements, support structure, capacitor assembly, and results.

According to Peter, the magnetic loop is ideal for portable operations, because "it's light and robust enough to use for hours at a time yet performs well on the busiest HF bands."

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