Russian QRP with a handcrafted magnetic loop. Post #1039.

Russian QRP with a handcrafted magnetic loop.
Accessed on 11 February 2017, 04:55 hrs, UTC.
Author:  Peter Dabizha (R2ABT).
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According to Moscow radio amateur Peter Dabizha (R2ABY), many hams in the Russian Federation are enjoying operating "in the field" with portable QRP rigs and homemade antennas, such as the magnetic loop featured in this article. Some of the antennas used by Russian QRP enthusiasts are very short, with many vertical antennas measuring only 3 meters/9.84 feet long.  Add to this mix, the cold Russian winters and you have a real survival operation for not only the well bundled operators but also for their assortment of portable rigs.  Such events are becoming popular in the United States as well, usually held under the title of "Winter Field Days." It pays to practice for emergencies, which tend to happen in poor weather.  The spirit and creativity shown by our fellow radio amateurs in Russia is something to emulate by all of us.  One of these days, you may find yourself in a similar situation with only the barest of necessities, including a low-power rig, "homebrewed" antenna, and an emergency power supply.  It may be a good idea to practice our operating skills in a variety of climatic conditions.

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