Simple Ham Radio Antennas--40m mini portable End Fed Half Wave Tuner. Post #1017.

40m portable End Fed Half Wave Tuner
Author:  VK5ZVS.
Accessed on 20 January 2017, 05:55 hrs, UTC.
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One of the most popular HF antennas for portable or emergency use is the EFHW (end fed half wave).  The antenna is cheap, easy to make, and can be stored easily in your home or vehicle.  However, one of the drawbacks to the EFHW is the rather large SWR presented to our amateur radio transceivers which usually have a nominal impedance of 50 ohms.

The impedance issue can be mitigated with a simple antenna transmatch (i.e. "tuner").  In this post, VK5ZVS shows us how to make an inexpensive "tuner" from commonly available parts.  The heart of the device is a tapped coil (31 turns) wrapped around a T200-6 core and a 56pF capacitor.  VK5ZVS provides helpful photographs and a simple schematic diagram of his "tuner."  This would make an excellent addition to your "Go-Kit" or other portable gear.

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