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Here's another great idea for an inexpensive, portable, and simple 20 meter Vertical Whip Antenna. The antenna consists of a lightweight, portable base, a telescoping whip antenna, and various lengths of wire for an uncomplicated ground radial system.  The wire and PVC pipe can be bought at the nearest hardware store or home improvement outlet.  The collapsible telescoping mast, clamps, connectors, UHF connectors, and 50 ohm coaxial cable can be ordered from MFJ.

Radial wires vary from 12-feet/3.65 meters to 8-feet/2.43 meters, depending on the band of choice.  You can lengthen or shorten the telescoping whip to fit whatever band you choose.  In this video, the whip antenna can be adjusted for 20, 17, and 15 meters without excessive SWR.  Operation on 10 meters is also possible.  This antenna is lightweight, portable, and inexpensive--perfect for field or emergency operations.

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