Simple Ham Radio Antennas--80m END FED NVIS FIELD ANTENNA

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Here's simple, effective end fed field antenna for 80 meters.  In this video, NG9D explains the installation, theory, and operation of this easy-to-make antenna suitable for either portable or emergency situations.  The antenna is designed to cover the  3.5 MHZ (80 meter band), and is primarily a NVIS (near vertical incident skywave) antenna.  The high-angle radiation angle of this antenna makes it perfect for local, state, and regional coverage. NG9D made his antenna out of commonly available parts, including approximately 160-feet/48.78 meters of insulated wire, some banana plugs, and an antenna transmatch (i.e. "tuner"). As with all end fed wire antennas, don't forget to have a radial ground or counterpoise system.
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