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The arrival of long-awaited rain heralds the approach
of winter on Hawaii Island.  For most of us islanders,
there are only two seasons--wet (winter, early spring)
and dry (summer, early autumn).  This year has been
unusually dry, perhaps a legacy of the El-Nino phenom-
enon.  Fortunately, the cooler and drier weather has kept
tropical storms and hurricanes away from us.  So, one
must count the blessings where they are found.  This is
a good time for many of us amateur radio operators to
repair, rebuild, and redesign the antennas we use to con-
nect to the world.  Lately, I've been working with NVIS
(near vertical incidence skywave) antennas--basically low-
level loops and dipoles that give excellent 1-300 mile
coverage.  These high angle radiators are great for local
and state-wide nets on 80 and 40 meters.  Several help-
ful articles can be found on the internet.  Try a few.  You
may find these skyhooks a lot of fun.  Have a good week-end.
Aloha es 73 de KH6JRM.


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