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This has been quite a year, newswise.  The newsroom
has indeed been a busy place.  Somehow, we have
managed to survive another 365 days despite the
best attempts by fanatics, the morally challenged,
and the merely dispicable to derail us.  I suppose my
slightly down message has been tempered by the course
of world people often get that way.  But,
thanks to amateur radio, there is temporary relief from
all of the nonsense that passes for civilization these days.
I've been fortunate to have a roof over my head, a good
job, an understanding XYL, and equipment that is paid
for.  The all-too brief time I spend at the ole Swan 100-MX
or restringing my antenna farm has kept me fairly sane.  I
enjoy the challenge of shooting the rf into the ionesphere and
seeing where it ends.  I've also begun to enjoy cw again.  I'm
not very fast, but I enjoy the commaradie and "rag chews" from
cw operators.  I'm hoping to get into the ARRL straight key
night--something I haven't done in several years.  The J-38 key
is in good shape, the rig looks good, and the operator somewhat
prepared.  I've enjoyed your comments during the past year. I've
learned a few new things from all of you...hopefully, my ramblings
have encouraged you to build or repair something.  That activity
ties you to the radio pioneers who did remarkable things with very
little in the way of resources.  May the New Year be prosperous
and positive for all of you.  I'll return once I recover from the New
Year--most likely, I'll be at the radio station on holiday watch.  Never
a dull moment in this business.  Aloha, 73 de KH6JRM


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