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Christmas is almost here.  Things are slowing down a
bit in the newsroom--a much appreciated break after
Hawaii Island withstood a fierce winter rain storm.
The Saddle Road, which is the shortest connection
between Hilo and Kailua-Kona, was closed due to flood-
ing and runoff.  Many travelers on the island had to
divert their itineraries to the longer perimeter roads.
Even these highways got thoroughly soaked.  The
newsroom was kept busy with all of the traffic alerts
and advisories.  Local amateur radio operators stood
by just in case emergency communications channels
were needed.  Thankfully, the flooding emergency
was confined to the evening hours.  State and county
crews are still cleaning up the debris and directing
motorists around the flooded areas.  With all of this
going on, there wasn't much time to "ham it up".  I
got home rather late, so I'll make up the hamming later
this week.  Christmas Day is a full work day -- I have to
stand by in case nature decides to soak us again. Our
Hawaii Island roads are vulnerable to landslides and
periodic flooding after heavy rains.  I have the scanner
on in the studio, so I'll be able to monitor the public
service and ham bands while I prepare news updates.
Have a great Christmas holiday.  Be sure to leave out
something for Santa...even if you are the de-facto Santa
in your household.  Mele Kalikimaka from Hawaii Island.
73 es Aloha de KH6JRM.


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